Educational Services

  • Informing individuals who are seeking guidance pertaining to mental health services and/or treatment about the intake process of mental health providers (e.g., behavioral healthcare agencies, Licensed Independent Practitioners).
  • Informing college students enrolled in an Associate, Bachelor's, and Master's degree program at higher educational institutions about specific job duties and requirements for licensed mental health professionals (e.g., Licensed Professional Counselor).

Psycho-Educational Services

Coordinating and facilitating forums/and or therapeutic support groups to designated target groups (i.e., minors ages 9-17 yrs. old) with a focus on character development and self-esteem building.

Referral Services

Linking individuals who are seeking guidance pertaining to mental health treatment and/or services to mental health providers (e.g., behavioral healthcare agencies, Independent Practitioners).


Social Outreach Services

Supporting the financial needs of designated target groups (i.e., individuals under the age of 18 yrs. old whose family income is at or below the national poverty level) who are involved in a performing arts and/or athletic program at schools or in communities. Providing emergency financial assistance to designated target groups (i.e., unemployed and underemployed individuals in the community).

Research Services

Hiring individuals with terminal degrees in behavioral health to conduct research studies on mental health disorders. Funding mental health research studies (i.e., Thesis and Dissertation) conducted by designated target groups (i.e., college students enrolled in Master's and Doctoral programs with an emphasis on behavioral health science).

Collaborating with law enforcement to provide Quality Assurance Consulting services which include ongoing monitoring of departmental policies and procedures and much more.


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